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Zoltan Ludvig

Zoltan Ludvig

He was born in 1953. He completed his art studies in Pécs, where he studied graphic art. At this time he created outstanding works of individual voice.

Completing his studies he became a regular participant in regional and national exhibitions. He is member of the Art Fund, the Society of Artists of Austria, and the International Fund of Modern Artists. He is a regular participant in the St. Antoni International Art Community.

His abstract, surrealistic pictures lead us into a non-existent, however, internally lively organic 'bio-world'. His pieces are most frequently associated with birth, the process of genesis, which are emphasized by coloured tones rather than a multitude of colours.

Besides the national exhibitions he has made his début abroad, too. After Udine, St. Pölten, Nurnberg, and Munich he won great success with his works of high excellence. Some of his pieces have been adapted to poster representation, which suggests his reputation in foreign countries.

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