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Marko Lulic

Marko Lulic

Marko was born in  May 05.1961. in a little city called Sombor on the north of Republic of Serbia. He grew up near Vojvodina, traditionally populated by painters. Marko graduated in secondary medical school on 1983. He was employed  in the Military Medical Academy, Department for Anesthesiology and reanimation. 

Married with two children, he now lives and works in Belgrade capital of Serbia. Today he works at Oxy-Med, a private company in Belgrade. He lives quite a normal life, with a parallel second life in Art.

From his youngest days, Mark showed  interest in art. Self-taught painter, educated via private classes, with different masters of art. He is a locally recognized painter and prefers working with oil on canvas. Public presentation only on national  television and daily papers on call, does not  prefer  other public presentation. His preferred method of presentation or exhibition is via private  sessions. Many of his artworks have been sold to people in show business.

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